Is It Possible to Get Addicted to Weight-Loss Supplements?

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People can absolutely become addicted to weight loss supplements, every time you open a magazine or watch TV you're going to see some celebrity or reality star selling a weight loss supplement, often time these weight loss supplements are stimulant base. Stimulant base weight loss supplements or the abuse of some of the ADD ADHD stimulants such as lateral or ridoran, that people either get from the black market or from their friends can be very dangerous, they can become addictive because like any stimuli like cocaine, caffeine you'll need more and more of that drop to get the same result and that is what we call tolerance, you will also go through withdraw which is one of at the hallmarks of addiction, meaning when you stop, you're going to get symptoms, headaches, fatigue.

These supplements have not been proven to work in long term clinical studies. If you feel the need to take weight-loss supplements, I say have a nice cup of green tea, change your eating habits, and make changes that you can sustain not for the short time but for the rest of your life.