How Does the Internet Pose a Threat to My Child?

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The internet can be a very dangerous place for children. Study show that one in four children have been approached by an online predator. And one in five children have been sent pornographic material. So what do parent do to prevent them from happening, first I always tell my parent you wouldn't go drop your kid off in a red light district and let them walk around, and yet so many parent are letting their children use the internet without any restrictions.

And the internet can be a very dangerous place. Here are three things you can do to help your children, number one keep the computer in a public place, it's great for children to use computers, for homework, for gaining new skills, but keep that computer in the living room and do not allow young children to keep that computer in their bedroom.

Second install software that will not allow your child to explore and view pornographic materials. And third talk to your kids, talk to your kids about the dangers of the internet, about the dangers of putting personal information. That way they can really be private and you can really know what they are upto.