How Does Replacement Therapy Help Me Break an Addiction?

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Replacement therapy can help to break an addiction and can help you to feel a lot better while you're doing it. So one great example of replacement therapy is when people are giving up smoking and they take a drug called Zyban right? So Zyban releases dopamine in the brain just like nicotine does so you're adding something as your taking something away.

So replacement therapy can also be used in lots of other ways so for example in diarrhea I have what are called the dopamine booster activities, the dopamine booster foods, serotonin boosting foods, serotonin boosting activities. So the more you focus on adding something to your life for example lean protein also releases dopamine, so if you're trying to get off really fatty foods like chips, and cookies, and cake, you can swap in lean protein and the gate the same feel-good chemical.

If your addiction is sugar or candy, and that's releasing a lot of serotonin in the brain, well then you probably want to swap in and replace it things like healthier carbs like whole fruit, but also activities. People don't know that activities can also serve as replacement therapy.

So if you were doing something that replaces dopamine or serotonin in the brain, then it's a lot easier to take away a behavior like over eating, coffee addiction or sugar addiction, and again if you use this principle of replacement therapy, you're going to feel a lot better, and your chances for actually kicking the addiction are a lot better.