How Do I Know If I'm Ready to Get Treatment for My Addiction?

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You know that you're ready to get treated for addiction if you are asking yourself that very question. So I really do believe that deep down inside people who know that they have an addiction know that they need help. There are some addicts who have to hit rock bottom and their rock bottom can be very low.

It can be loosing your house, stealing to get money for drugs or alcohol but then there are also a lot of people who are what we call in addiction treatment, high bottoms meaning you're still working, you're aren't stealing from your family and friends to obtain what you need whether that's sugar, or cake, or alcohol, or coffee, or drugs, but that doesn't mean you are not addicted if you are a high bottom person.

So if you're asking yourself do I need help? The answer is usually yes, so the first step would be if it's something that's not life threatening find a mental local health professional in your area. ShareCare has a lot of great professionals cataloged by city. There's also searches that you can use your insurance company to help you find somebody and for more serious life threatening addictions, then it's time to start with your insurance company.

Look at the some of the resources the rehabs at ShareCare, and really take that step to change your life today.