How Can I Tell If I'm a Habitual Eater?

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If you're a habitual eater you're going to notice the following things, you are a creature of habit, you like to eat the same things from the same places in the same way almost everyday and for you, it's really all about convenience. You probably don't really care for new foods all that much, you probably eat a lot of microwave packaged foods because for you, you're just eating to live.

The only problem with the habitual eater is that sometimes you don't get enough variety in your diet, remember you need so many different ant-oxidants, so many different vitamins and those come in the forms of all these different foods. So what the habitual eater can do is try to get three colors in every plate, in every meal that way you are going to change up that plain ball of oal meal with red strawberries and blue, blue berries and brown walnuts and then maybe at lunch you are going to have three different colors.

By changing up in this way the habitual eater won't get stuck. You can still have the regimen that you like, but you can also get the nutrients and the anti-oxidants that you need.For the habitual eater drinking your nutrients is another great way because if you put that into your diet, then it will be a part of your daily routine because you are such a creature of habit.

So, here's a rule of thumb. For a shake, put one whole fruit, one vegetable, one form of milk whether that's almond milk or soy milk and a protein. So one of my favorites is spinach plus blueberries plus almond milk plus peanut butter. Put those all together, try to mix up those colors each and every day, put that in your daily routine and your going to be getting all of the fruits and vegetables and protein that you need.