How Can I Tell If I Am an Emotional Eater?

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You can tell if you're an emotional eater, if you're one of those people who wears your heart on your sleeve. You're probably a sensitive type, your friends come to you because they want you to give them advice. You probably are the person who's crying at those emotional commercials and for you when it comes to food, you rely on food as your emotional support.

Food is comfort, that's a problem when things go rough, that's a problem when you're stressed out, that's a problem when you're lonely, that's a problem when you're angry, so here is what you can do. Eat six more meals a day, that way you're training your brain that food is for sustainance, not emotional support.

By eating six more meals a day you also are getting in front of your hunger instead of letting your hunger creep up on you and then when you have a stress in your life, you emotionally overeat.