How Can Artificial Sweeteners Be Addictive?

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Artificials are addictive, and I'll tell one reason why I really know this to be true. People tend to either drink a lot of diet soda or they drink almost none at all, or once in a very great while. I see that behavior pattern a lot with drugs, like heroin or cocaine use. So how could an artificial sweetener be addictive in the brain? Well, remember addiction is using something over and over, and you needing more and more to get the same response.

Now think about this. An artificial sweetener because it moves your perception of what is sweet in the brain, you actually will need more and more sweet foods to perceive sweetness, right? So in that way, you're actually building up a tolerance so to speak, in terms of all of fruits and the drinks you are having, which is why we see the diet soda drinkers tend to eat more sugary foods and people who don't use artificial sweeteners tend to eat healthier food and they are thinner in the long run and healthier overall.