Are There Any Risks in Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

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You really can't get enough pure Omega-3 fatty acids. But sometimes there's a danger to mercury especially, right, so, a lot of people think, oh, I need more Omega-3, so I'm just going to go out there, I need a lot of tuna because that's what available or readily wherever you go.

Well the problem there is that especially the solid white albacore which actually is more expensive than the chunk light tuna that is the cheapest kind in grocery stores is that it can have a lot of mercury. So it's almost like people are caught between a rock and a hard place because they want those hard healthy and grain healthy Omega-3s, but once you do get those, they're actually very polluted, and if your supplement isn't molecularly distilled or if you're not getting it from a wild source, or you're not eating wild cod, you're actually going to putting a lot pollutants in your body.

So you really do want to find wild cod varieties, so if you're taking a supplement, that means having a wild cod, wild razed, or wild cod salmon oil or a an Omega-3 that has been molecularly distilled, which will take almost all of the mercury out, and make it very pure. One of my favorite foods, I eat it I would say five to seven days a week, is they now have pink wild cod salmon packs, that are about a dollar a piece, they are single serve in BPA free packs that tear open, and you can use that and you use a low fat olive oil, menu and it makes an amazing tuna meals.

So you really have to start to get very creative in finding affordable and easy ways to get the wild cod mercury free, high omega-3 foods into your diet.