Why Healthy Is Better Than Skinny

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with an easy tip to help you reach your health goals. Stop worrying about the number on the scale and stop breaking a sweat, it turns out that inactivity leads to a higher risk of heart disease regardless of a person's body mass index. Your body mass index or your BMI indicates your body fat based on your weight and height. Experts use it as a tool to determine your risk for various diseases, but in a recent study inactive people had a higher heart risk regardless of BMI.

Couch potatoes usually have bigger waist and that can mean trouble for your heart. A normal range of BMI is great but you can still have a normal BMI and be unhealthy especially if you don't exercise, and this was true for both men and women. Exercise keeps your body from storing fat in dangerous places like your stomach.

So get moving today. For more simple way to boost your health watch all our tips right here.