What to Eat Before Exercise

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with the nutrition tip for better workouts. Many people ask me if they should eat before exercise? The answer is yes, but food timing is important. If you eat carbohydrate rich food like an energy bar half an hour to an hour before you workout, it can help increase muscle energy storage and boost your workout, but if you eat a very heavy meal, you could put yourself at risk for Gastro-Intestinal issues during a workout and it doesn't matter if the meal is rich in carbs or not.

Too much food in your stomach before a workout can leave you feeling overfull and even tired. This can affect your performance during the workout. Plan how much time you need to digest the small carbohydrate loaded meal and make this a part of your pre-workout routine. Don't skip meals before a workout because your body needs the fuel to perform it best.

Just avoid overeating. For more ways to boost your workout, watch all our tips right here.