Walk to Improve Cholesterol and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a simple tip to help your cholesterol. Walk for just 30 minutes a day. That can boost the healthy high density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol in your bloodstream. That's good for your heart and your memory. When researchers looked at the relationship between HDL cholesterol and cognitive function, in people ages 95 to 107, people with higher HDL had superior memory, people who live pass 100 tend to have higher HDL than people who don't reach old age.

Healthy HDL cholesterol may also [xx] Alheimers and dementia how? Researchers believe HDL keeps your veins and arteries clear, allowing blood to travel easily to your heart and head. HDL also encourages communication between brain cells and may keep away Alzheimer's related Amaloid plaques. HDL also protects brain cells from inflammation.

There you have it, another great reason to make a daily walk a part of your a routine. For more ways to live younger, watch all our smart tips right here.