Use a Foam Roller to Stretch Knotted Sore Muscles

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Clark here with a smart tip if you have knotted sore muscles. Use a large foam roller to work through those canks. Form rolling is a type of stretching that also is a form of self massage. When using the foam roller you may find adhesion or knots that can be quite tender when pressure is applied to them.

These knots are areas of muscle that are over active and in spasm. Over time that can decrease your flexibility although applying pressure to knotted muscles causes temporary discomfort, foam rolling is one of the most effective ways to release these knots. To make the most to foam rolling once you found a tender or sore knot hold pressure on it without moving for at least 30 seconds to help release the spasm.

For each body part you decide to foam roll, try to find one to three knots and do it daily. The more frequently you do foam rolling the less and tense it becomes and the more flexible you'll become. For more ways to stay in great shape, watch all our smart tips right here.