The Surprising Power of Sports Drinks

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. with a surprising smart tip for you. Do you want to lift weights longer? Grab a sports drink, but don't open the bottle. Just let it sit in front of you, now pick up the weights and see what you can do. It turns out that looking at a sports drink may help you do physical tasks like weight lifting longer.

In one study people who could see a sports drink held a leg lift for a 149% longer than they could when a bottle of water was sitting in front of them. This visual cue might trigger an association with endurance which helps the participants endure their physical challenges longer. You don't need to cover your workout area in sports drinks, but this is good evidence that your mind plays a big role in deciding how much you can handle.

As for guzzling down the sports drinks after your workout is over, remember to practice moderation. Some sports drinks may be so high in sugar and calories that you could consume more calories than you burn during the exercise. For more ways to get fit watch all our smart tips right here.