The Smart Way to Treat Back Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with some tips to help you if you have back pain. First access your pain, if it's severe talk to your doctor and receive a proper diagnosis. Back pain is often caused by imbalances in the muscles that surround your hips. Tight hip flexors, hip rotators and hamstrings often lead to malalignment of the hips and spine.

When this happens, muscles that help to stabilize your spine like your deep abdominal muscles or your glutes become weak. This dominol effect leads to poor posture, imbalanced movement, over compensation and eventually back pain. A typical treatment programme will address overactive muscles, lengthen tight muscles, activate weak muscles and integrate small and large muscles for a well balanced movement.

This will help ease back pain and prevent it from coming back. For more ways to live pain free and stay active, watch all our smart tips right here.