The Best Walking Pace

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Hi, Dr. Clark here. Walking is one of the simplest exercise that you can do, and you often hear the advice to walk at moderate intensity. But do you know what that even means? Here's how to tell. Strap on a pedometer and make sure you're taking about 100 steps a minute. For maximum health, you want to aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week.

In a study, researchers found that men needed to take 92 to 102 steps a minute to elevate their heart rate and oxygen intake high enough to qualify their activity as moderately intense. And women, needed to do about 91-115 steps per minute. If you're new to exercise, or have a health condition check with your doctor before trying to do 100 steps per minute.

But if exercise is an old hat to you, don't let yourself get too comfortable with those numbers. As the researchers pointed out, this is really the minimum walking pace that qualifies as moderate intensity exercise, as you get fitter and stronger you will need to move faster. For more ways to stay in shape,watch all our smart tips, right here.