The Best Walk for Your Mind and Body

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. You know it's important to walk 10, 000 steps every day, but if you want a real mental refresher find a pretty place to walk. One study found that walking somewhere scenic relieves tired brain cells, which helps your memory and boosts your ability to focus. In the study research has tested that short term memory and attention levels of two groups of walkers.

One group took an hour long walk in the park, and the other group walked in a busy downtown area. Afterward the park walkers scored higher in mental test scores than the city walkers. Researchers suspect that scenic surroundings could put you more at ease. These environment require less attention to detail and decision making.

Even if you can't get outside for a walk in the park, create a calm environment at home or at the gym that put your mind at ease. For more ways to boost your workouts, watch all our smart tips right here.