Smart Spices to Relieve Pain

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Are you suffering from chronic pain? Maybe you need to try a little spice in your diet. I'm Dr. Mike Clark. No single food can completely stop chronic pain, but a healthful diet is a powerful part of your pain management strategy. Certain foods can help your body fight pain by acting as an energies icon entire inflammatory aging.

When it comes to spices with potential pains relieving properties, go for the goal, ginger, and turmeric. These spices are commonly used in Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indians foods. Ginger contains four substances that have energies equities, similar to aspirin or [xx]. Turmeric contains crookimin another ginger family member that may also help fight pain.

So next time you're feeling extra achy brew a cup of ginger tea or order some Tai take out for dinner, and as always watch your weight. Gaining weight puts extra pressure on your joints causing pain and inflammation. For more ways to stay pain free, watch all our smart tips right here.