Reduce Stress in Just 14 Minutes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Clark. Few things speed up the aging process like chronic stress, but it takes just a few minutes to undo the damage. In a small study of middle age women, all it took was 14 minutes of vigorous exercise each day to protect their cells from the aging effects of stress. You could knock that out with just a brisk mile and a half walk each day.

Researchers examine women's telomeres, which are the little end caps on the chromosome that reveal a person's rate of aging. Lots of things can accelerate the rate at which telomeres age, including stress. But stress seem to have no noticeable effect in women who said, they got at least 42 minutes of exercise over a 3 day period.

That's just 14 minutes a day. But not just any kind of exercise does the trick. The anti-aging benefits in the study came from vigorous exercise. The kind that get your heart pumping and your body sweating. Think of brisk walking, fast stationary cycling, lapse in a pool, or any type of physical exhaustion that makes it difficult to hold a conversation.

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