Learn to Love Exercise

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. Do you hate exercising? Then become an accidental exerciser. Make your home, office, and your environment your gym. All movement or physical activity can count for exercise. Try these tips. Walk 10, 000 steps a day. Start with buying a pedometer to track your steps. You can build up slowly by adding up 250 steps a day until you reach 10, 000.

This daily goal will give you something to look forward to. Take the stairs, not only does this help you reach your 10, 000 step goal, but it can get your heart rate up more than walking on flat ground or taking the elevator. Park far away. Most of us try to find the nearest parking spot for convenience. A far parking spot means more steps.

Find an activity you love, walking might get boring, so take a class. Try yoga, spin class, or dance. Go for a hike. Finally workout in front of the TV. Try basic body weight exercises at home like push ups, bridges, or lunges. Remember that getting active is an important part of your health and all physical activity counts.

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