How to Start Working Out If You're Overweight

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a few tips to help you start exercising if you're overweight or you haven't been physically active since you were a kid. First start slowly and set small goals. Try to walk as briskly as you can for just five minutes every morning. If there are stairs in your house, plan to climb two extra flights per day, protect your body.

Extra weight puts extra stress on your muscles and joints. If you have achy joints, try water walking. If you love outdoor cycling, but have balance issues, try a three wheeler or use a stationery bike to start. If you have back problems, work with a physical therapist to strengthen your spine. Also talk to your octor if you have a heart or lung condition. Finally, build up gradually.

Once your chosen activity seems easy, add five more minutes a day to your routine. Keep adding more time slowly until you reach 30 minutes a day. It will come sooner than you think. For more ways to live better, watch all our smart tips, right here