How Exercise Helps You Prevent Cancer

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Hi, Dr. Clark here with an easy way to drop your risk of any type of cancer by 10-15%. Get moving. Research shows that an active lifestyle that includes exercise and staying busy through much of the day, helps reduce your risk of several different of cancer. In a study of 80, 000 Japanese adults, researchers found that women who are the most active were 16% less likely to develop any type of cancer over a 5 -10 year period.

The most active men dropped their risk by about 13%, but it wasn't just the exercise the researchers tracked. They accounted any day-to day activities including walking to the store, doing house work, and working on a physically demanding hobby. Researchers think that physical activity may have a beneficial effect on certain hormones that influence the growth and spread of tumors.

In the study, exercise seemed to have the most impact on colon, liver, and pancreatic cancer risk in men. For women, physical activity was particularly protective against stomach cancer. It's just another smart reason to stay active. For more ways to keep fit and healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.