Hate Breaking a Sweat? Try Swimming

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Hey Dr Clarke, love the benefits of exercise but hate to break a sweat dive into the pool. Swimming lapse, water aerobics and pool walking are all great ways to stay in shape. Water provides resistance that works every muscle you move, at the same time it's easy on your joints. Water buoyancy reduces your body weight up to 90%.

That's makes wet work out especially good for people with chronic conditions like arthritis or Fibromyalgia. Swimming and other water workouts may help you live longer too. In a 32 year study involving 40, 000 men swimmers were 50% less likely than walker and runners to die. Why? Regularly clocking lapse was better at boosting cardiovascular fitness and if you've heard the rumor that swimming makes you fat because it make you hungry here's the truth.

You have to be in really cold water for swimming to boost your appetite. But most indoor pools are kept around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So make a splash and get fit. For more ways to shape up, watch all our smart tips right here.