Fight Chronic Pain With Olive Oil

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When it comes to chronic pain some people may try anything to bring relief, but look no further than your own kitchen cabinet. Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. Olive oil is a cooking staple that does more than just taste good. It also helps fight pain. This greenish gold elixir is rich in anti-oxidant polyphenals that help inhibit a common pain causing mechanism in the body plus because olive oil can lower your bad LDL cholesterol it makes a great substitute for butter which is high in saturated fat.

That smart because too much saturated fat in the diet has been showed to erode bone strength and trigger pain. So enjoy this Mediterranean alternative in your next pasta sauce, salad dressing or sote, but use it modestly. Olive oil has a 120 calories per table spoon and gaining weight could add to your pain by putting more pressure on your joints.

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