Exercise Outsmarts Your Obesity Genes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. Do you have a lot of family members who are overweight? If obesity genes run in your family, it doesn't mean you're destined to be heavy. Here is a smart way to outweight your genes. Start moving. In one study of people who were genetically predisposed to obesity, those who were the most active, managed to alter their body's predisposition to gain weight.

They were far less likely to pack on pounds over time compared to the least active individuals. In the study, participants who exercised an hour a day, lowered their risk of weight gain by 40% compared to couch-potatoes. Only about 30% of aging is determined by genetic factors. The other 70%, you control through your behaviors.

So choose your actions wisely. For more ways to stay slim and live younger, watch all our smart tips, right here.