Eat Ginger to Soothe Muscle Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a nutrition tip to sooth sore muscles. If you don't want muscle pain to linger after a hard workout, eat some spicy ginger root. One study found that getting a half a teaspoon of ginger a day can decrease post workout muscle pain by up to 25%. In the study participants ate a half a teaspoon of raw or heat treated ginger everyday for a week.

On the eighth day the group did a tough farm workout. The daily ginger eaters had less pain 24 hours later compared to those who didn't eat the ginger. How did ginger help the pain? Ginger has compounds with anti inflammatory and analgesic properties similar to those in non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.

These properties can interfere with the enzymes and compounds involved in the pain process. Ginger might also dull the nerves that process pain signals. For more ways to stay strong and pain free watch all our smart tips right here.