Boost Your Brain Function and Memory With Exercise

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Hi, Dr. Clark here. You know that every walk around the block, every dumb bell curl, every yoga pose is a great investment in your physical health, well it's great for your brain too. Time and time again research shows that if you keep your body busy today your brain is less likely to suffer from Alzheimers and other forms of dementia tomorrow.

So what's the connection between exercise and the brain? Physical activity boosts blood flow to your brain, and that stimulates the growth of grey matter, maybe body building should be called brain building. No single type of brain exercise can improve your brain function more than others. Studies have found cognitive benefits from aerobic exercise like brisk walking, biking or even breaking leaves, strength building and flexibility workouts like weight lifting and yoga also help your mind stay strong and nimble, as long as you are moving your body your brain is reaping the benefits too for more ways to keep your mind and your body fit watch all our smart tips right here.