6 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Clark. Looking to lose a few pounds? Don't fall into this trap. Most people who lose weight, eventually gain it back, this maybe because they make drastic changes by going on a fat diet, and when they go back to their old habits, the weight comes back. A smarter strategy for lasting weight loss is to make small changes that you can maintain overtime.

So how do you become a successful loser? Here are some traits that excessful dieters have in common. They eat breakfast daily, this helps prevent overeating later in the day. They eat a low calorie diet, they eat a consistent diet from day-to-day. They're physically active, that helps them burn more calories than they consume.

They don't watch much television, lots of TV time is linked to weight gain. They weigh themselves regularly, and stop small weight gains from getting larger. If you want to jump-start your weight loss or maintain it, make one or more of these changes in your lifestyle, and for more ways to watch your weight, check out all our smart tips, right here.