5 ways to add variety to your workout

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a few tips to spice up your fitness. The ideal exercise routine should have a mix of aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises. Together these workouts can improve your overall health. Here are five easy ways to add variety and improve your fitness. Review your workout routine regularly.

Modify it to fit your current stage of life, make minor adjustments every couple of weeks and make more significant changes once every six months to accommodate your fitness level and needs. Add intervals, use short busts of increased intensity within a workout, to help you build endurance and burn more calories.

Explore new equipment, adding new wights, machines, resistance bands and balls to the mix can help you avoid boredom. Try combination classes, for example, try a water workout that combines swimming and strength training. There are even classes that combine Yoga and Pilates, workout with a partner. A friend can keep you motivated, and make the time fly.

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