4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Physical Activity

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. No time for a workout? It's easy to make excuses, but physical activity is key to your health. Try these simple these tips to get active. Move your stationary bike from your garrage and put it in front of your TV, this way you can get a sixty minute spin session in during your favorite show.

Figette, find an excuse to move wherever you are, stand up and walk in circles while you're talking on the phone, or turn your house chores into your reason to move. Keep a set of dumbells at work, do an upper body exercise for 30 seconds every hour, or do 20 push ups, you will be surprised at how much you can get in if you're persistent.

Try this ab exercise at your desk. Pretend the top of your head is pulled up by a string, then squeeze your butt, and suck your belly button in as if you're trying to put on a pair of pants that are too tight. Hold that position for as long as you can. For more ways to be active and live better, watch all our smart tips, right here.