3 Steps to a Fitness Plan That Sticks

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Hi, Dr. Clark here. Are you starting a new fitness plan? A successful plan is one that you can maintain. Try these three steps. First, define what fitness means to you, be clear focused, and realistic about your definition. It can be anything from being fit enough to play with your kids to completing a marathon.

Then create your goals based on your fitness definition. Next, envision what success looks like. Paint a mental picture of your fit and healthy life four weeks from the start of your program. Imagine what it will look like a year from now, and even 3 years from now. Finally, create a strategy to achieve your goals.

Think of a way to reward yourself at each milestone that reinforces the new life you are living, and make your strategy fit your lifestyle. For example, don't commit to going to the gym everyday, if you work long hours, and just getting to the gym will be a challenge. Instead, working out at home before you head out the door in the morning, may be easier for you to actually do.

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