What Meat Choices Are Better for Heart Health?

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Well in terms of protein choices, the reason people tend to eat meat is they're thinking about protein. The healthiest part in source is because food is a package deal and you can't just get the protein without the [UNKNOWN] cholesterol hormone. Some of the other things you don't want, there is a way to get the protein with good stuff, with good baggage, and that's from plant sources.

So legumes, beans, peas, lentils, soy, you get the protein, but you also get the fiber, the folate, the phytoestrogens, the potassium, all these that you want, kind of good bag just like comes along with protein. Now for patients that just refuse to give up meat certainly are lower risk of lower carnatine meat such as sculb, oysters, clams tend to have low carnatine levels but I would most people to choose healthier sources and none of those have any fiber and you can get all the fiber from those plant sources of protein.