What Foods Should I Eat If I Have Heart Disease?

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Those who have heart disease it's critical that they improve the elasticity, the ability of their arteries to relax and to allow blood flow. We do that, with this compound called Nitrite Oxide which your body makes from dark green leafy vegetables so we all need the greens everyday, particularly those with heart disease.

Also fiber is very important. So fiber is only found in one place, naturally and that's whole plant foods. I'm not talking processed foods, like white bread, white rice white pasta. But whole foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

all have fiber and what fiber does, it helps pull cholesterol out of our system. It can actually pull cholesterol literally from our arteries where we don't want it, where it's clogging up, and increasing our risk of a second heart attack. So fiber containing foods, dark, green leafy vegetables to improve the functioning of our arteries.