Does Eating Animal Protein Cause Heart Disease?

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Well their concern has always predominantly been saturated fat and cholesterol, that's why, there's been a connection between meat and mortality, with thought it was a fact, we thought it was the fatty substances like the cholesterol, but this new research, suggests that there is an entire other way independent of cholesterol, so they found for example, people that have the highest levels of content in their blood stream, had elevated risks of heart disease even after controlling for traditional respectors, like cholesterol, so even at the same cholesterol level, you have more carnitine in your system, you had higher risk of death, from heart disease, heart attacks strokes and what we call revascularization or cardiac surgeries so this goes beyond traditional risk factors.

No we're not saying circulatory vein cholesterol isn't important, we're saying now we have another reason to really kind of take the advice of some of the visionaries that Dr. Oz has had on the program like Dr. Jill Foreman, and Neal Barnard and Julieanna Hever, to really move away towards a more plant based diet where you don't get all that [xx] nor saturated fat, nor cholesterol.