What Items Do I Need to Help Me Sleep More Soundly?

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Have you just played out a four-step plan to help you lose weight while you sleep and now we are going to make over your bedroom and give you the tools to get started, there are four items you need, the first one is a foam core pillow. Dr. Blues you know a tone about these things.

Explain why this is so important. What we like about a firm core is in fact that it works for alignment and keeping your head cradled and aligned and then the exterior allows for comfort because there are some people who comfortable on a solid foam pillow. Okay, that's step number one.

Great news everybody we're giving away a thousand comfort revolution memory core pillows when you go to doctoroz .com and signup for my transformation nation million dollar yield. You know what do you love me till you all are taking them home as well. I know that would get them excited.

Alright. The second item you need in your bedroom, [xx] while you sleep is an eye mask with ear plugs. Doctor Blues, why are these two things so important? I know you've packed them together here. Yes, they do. It's good so that way you don't loose them. The eye mask is important because if you've got a bed partner who is reading at night, isn't ready to go to bed, maybe they have a little bit of a different bedtime, they still have their light on, this will block out light.

Oh look at that! And so this runs across your whole nose and the bridge of your nose to actually keep light from coming in and underneath. See if it works. The ear plugs are especially good for people if there's a snoring bed partner. Right, that's part of the problem. There's no light at all, it's pretty amazing.

It is. These things are darn beautiful, we're going to give you 1,000 of these eye shades and earplugs from Buckeys, you log in at doctoroz.com and just sign up and they're yours. Easy to get. Alright, give it [xx]. Alright, [xx]. Listen. There are some folks that are concerned about blocking off all I have from external sources I get that and all you don't want to wear in your piece, so the third item you need in your bedroom will help you lose weight why are you stick this critically important, it's a sound machine, so Dr.

Bruise why, a sound machine? This whisks up. You hear that? So, it's a white noise sound machine which is great because it will mask sound based on the frequency of the sound machine itself so that way you can still hear things that are going on like a child who wants a glass of water or a dog that needs to be let out.

Things of that nature yet still will mask out those sounds that can prevent you from falling asleep. Should we give these things away also? I think you should. For those of you at home we're giving away 1,000 [xx] sound condition by [xx] and you to go to doctoroz.com, they're there for you to pick.

Just go to the site, sign up and they are yours. You already [xx] them all. Alright.