What Is the Danger of Taking Sleeping Pills for a Long Period of Time?

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Well most of us don't realize that sleeping pills are not really meant to be taken for prolonged periods of time. Sleeping pills are okay to use three to four nights a week. Really we like to limit the use to 4-6 weeks. There are some that have been marketed for longer use, what we'd like to use sleeping pills for, is somewhat of a bridge, to help us transition to better sleep, while we're working on other solutions.

And so unfortunately what happens with the sleeping pills, people will have trouble getting to sleep, and they'll turn to sleeping pills at a desperation, because they don't really have good solutions. And so they've never really solve the problem, and that's the issue with sleeping pills, you really need to get at the root cause.

Why I'm I not sleeping at night? And not sleeping at night is like having pain there is a reason why you're probably not sleeping at night and it really takes a lot of information to really dig down deep and figure out what exactly is the problem for me? So not only are we not getting at the root cause many times, we're just using the sleeping pills sometimes for months and years on end in addition to that these pills are addicting and unfortunately they do have side effects.

So you don't want to continue to take these medications without looking for other solutions, and you can use natural substances which would be a better substitute and also you want to work on what we call sleep hygiene. You are setting that relaxing bed time routine making sure, same time to bed, same wake up time, making sure the environment is calm and really allows you to transition into sleep and making sure you've created a quiet and a dark and a cool environment for you to sleep in.