What Can I Do to Reduce My Snoring?

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So one of my favorite sayings is you want to di-congest for better rest, so anything that could be blocking your Nasal passage ways, are really going to be having a major effect on your ability to snores. One of the first thing I told people, see if you can take gravity out of the equations so what you can do it, you actually buy a wedge.

This is actually a piece of a thorn that is an angle that you can lie on, but you want to start at the base of your back and move all the way to the top of your back so that your entire torso is raised not just head being raised because that actually will not help with snoring, so number one consider sleeping on your back and buying a wedge and of-course the old elbow to the ribs and roll over works and part of the reason it's work is because when you're lying on you side, your throat has a tendency of to be more open, that's one of the thing that can reduce snoring but some people don't like to sleep on their side so the wedge turns out to be a pretty good option,.

Another thing people do is use those nasal dilation strips that go across the bridge up nose, but don't put them on too high, you want them to be nice and low to help you flare out your nostrils. So, another thing that I have people do is use something called a Neti Pot. So this's been around for thousands of years, and it looks like a small tea pot, and you fill it with warm salt water.

And then you can actually irrigate the entire nasal passage way. And what you do is you pour it in through the right, let it switch around and come out on the left. Obviously you're going to do this over your sink. You can even do it in your evening shower or something like that. These are all commercially available.

You can find them just about anywhere but it really helps reduce all of that congestion and help you get a better night's rest because there is not so much snoring going on. Another thing that people have found that is pretty interesting is to actually use lavender. So, lavender for the bed partner can actually make people not only relax a little bit easier but in some cases fall into a deeper stage of sleep.

So, maybe for that snoring bed partner who might be a little bit anxious about that person who's going to be snoring next to them, this might help them get into a better stage of sleep.