What Can I Do If My Partner Snores?

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So most people don't realize it but snoring actually accurs in one or two of three different places in the nasal fairings in the nose, in the oral fairings back at the mouth or in the hypo-fairings down in the throat. So in any one of those areas if there's an narrowing of the airway that makes the air moves faster which causes acadians which causes a snore, so we have to do is open those different areas up.

How do we do that? First thing I tell my patients to do is to de-congest for better rest, so anything you can do to decongest is gonna be quite helpful. Whether its using a nasal strip or a sailing spray, or even something over the counter to help reduce that swelling and open up that nasal.

Next, often times I'll have people use a bed wedge so that's like a piece of foam that will raise there torso up and bring there torso forward taking gravity out of the equation. The third thing I tell people to do is to create what I call a pillow wall. So it's actually a wall of pillows between them and the snoring person because remember sound waves are matter waves and if you put something in between you and the sound source it can actually help curb that sound.

Another possibility of course are ear plugs or a sound machine. So when you're sleeping next to somebody who's snoring you and your partner together have to come up with a strategy and create a solution.