What Can I Do If My Bed Partner and I Don't Agree on Room Temperature?

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This happens all the time when bed partners can't agree on temperatures. So the first thing I tell people to do is to meet in the middle, make the room temperatures somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. There's data that now shows that if you're below 65 degrees in room temperature, or above 75 degrees in room temperature, it can have a pretty dramatic effect on your ability to get into deep sleep.

Now this might help a little bit but you might still be hot or you sight still be cold. For some couples I have the warmer person sitting outside of the covers, and for some people I have them using socks while under the covers. This can help somebody feel snuggled in and then warm if they're cold and the warmer person can help them quite a bit, lying outside of the sheet.

The other thing to remember to get moisture wicking sheets. For the person who have a tendency to be hot and a tendency to perspire, it can pull that perspiration off their skin, because that's what really makes him fell cool or too cool at night. They get hot, they perspire and then that cold air hits it and it feels like you just walked out of the shower.

So there's a lot of different things that people can do to make the temperature just right..