What Are Some Hidden Sources of Caffeine?

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There are many hidden sources of caffeine. Most of us when we think of caffeine, we think about of caffeinated beverages, the coffees, the teas and the coca-cola sodas. But, there are many other sources of caffeine that most of us wouldn't even consider. First, non cola beverages, beverages that have orange flavoring or even the Mountain dew, the 7 Up type brands, read the labels because you'll be surprised to find that many of them do contain caffeine.

You want to be careful about chocolate, chocolate has a lot of caffeine and chocolate can be found not only just in chocolate bars but you have to consider cookies with chocolates, there're or other baked goods and even ice cream that might have chocolate rather candies mixed in, or coffee flavored ice cream it'll also have caffeine.

Surprisingly, some of the flavored waters nowadays even have caffeine, owing some additional sneaky ones even some gums and some mints that have that word energizing could have caffeine in them. So be really mindful there's probably more caffeine even in the decaffeinated beverages.

They will eliminate a lot of the caffeine but you could have in some of those decaffeinated beverages 20-40 mg of caffeine, so be on the look out for sneaky sources of caffeine.