What Are Some Hidden Sources of Caffeine?

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There're a lot of hidden sources of caffeine that people should really be aware of, first of all caffeine is not just in those dark Colas that we're all used to seeing they can be in lighter colored colas or just generic colored colas. We also see it in ice cream, believe it or not, chocolate ice cream and coffee flavored ice cream does have caffeine.

Even some painkillers now, they use it to help administer the drugs. So when you look at things like Excedrin PM, caffeine is one of those things that helps the medicine get there faster, but if you have a migraine later in the evening that can definitely be something that can have an effect on your sleep.

One of the things that people should realize is that caffeine also comes in a natural form called guarana, G-U-A-R-A-N-A and that it's sometimes listed as an ingredients and that's just as potent as caffeine, so something to be aware of.