How Should I Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

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So very simply, in order to perform per progressive muscle relaxation, a few things that you need to do. The first thing you're going to want to do is slowly have some deep breathing, maybe three or four deep breaths. The way you do this, is you close your eyes, and you begin to breathe.

In, one, two, three, out, one, two, three. In, one, two, three, out one, two, three keeping that breathing rhythm going, you would slowly begin to tense different muscles in your body. Most people I start with their head and I ask them to furrow their brow or to make their eyes close them as tight as they possibly can.

So let's go ahead and start that. Go ahead and close your eyes and squint, squint, squint, two, three and relax, two, three. Now go ahead and squint your eyes, two, three and relax two, three. Next I'd have people clench their jaw, make it really tight jaw but don't do this if you have TMJ, I just want to warn you.

Go ahead and clench your jaw. two, three and relax. two, three clench two, three, and relax, two, three, slowly you'll move all the way down your body, by shrugging your shoulder, clinching your fist, making your forearm's stiff. Any muscular area that you feel that you hold tension.

Remember to ask your doctor if it's safe to do this, but in almost everybody it is.