How Can My Bed Partner Alert Me to Poor Sleeping Habits?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Breus, the sleep doctor. Your bed partner can allow you to core sleep habits actually quite easily and here is a few things that they may want to look for. Number one, snoring, are you snoring at night? Also does your snoring start and stop for brief periods of time, or have they even seen maybe that you stop breathing in your sleep? All of those could be signs of seriously disorder called sleep apnea.

Another thing to look forth is constant movement. Your body is supposed to move while you're sleeping as a matter of fact you should change positions probably five to eight times a night for if your body is constantly in motion there could be something called restless leg syndrome or periodic limb movement that could be affecting your overall ability to sleep, finally your bed partner can listen for vocalizations, sleep talking or maybe even the occasional sleep walking, if any of those are present, you want to make sure to talk with your physician right away because all of those can actually be treated.