Can Antacids Help Me Sleep?

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September 3 this one shocked me I never thought about this special tool and doctor [xx] you agree that this September 3 maintain your tummy with even antacids doctor Wells why is this so important even for people who don't think they have got any much resource they are so first everybody knows that [xx] we never have heartburn or that acid that comes out of our back throat well when you lie down you are immiadiately cloned and able to have reflex many people think that they do not have reflex but there is something we call silent reflex righthow do it be silent okay you don't not fell it you are not conscience of it but then all of a sudden it pulls you out of deep stages of sleep because this acid comes up and it makes you breath, what I ask people to do is I say, I you to take it 30 minutes before bed for seven days you do that for a week, here is what you are going to see, you are going to see that the ingredients that are in here are going to help you with your sleep.

But if you have signs of reflux it will be handled. And you know what, if it doesn't work after a week then you can stop, but this is an experiment that everybody in America who's having an issue with sleep ought to be thinking about, whether you think you have reflux or not turn off.

Step number three is very safe to do.