How Can Ginger Benefit Me?

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So, ginger is great, it has many health benefits, but I like it for stress because it helps to reduce cortisol levels, and also helps to mildly calm the central nervous system. It's also great for digestion. So, people who get upset stomachs, when they are stressed out will love ginger.

Ginger is a great herb for stress because you can find it in your grocery store. In fact you probably have it in your refrigerator at home, I like using the fresh herb, and you can use it in soups, you can use it in sauces or you can add it to your salads, but my patients like to make it into a tea, and you can do that by slicing up about an inch of fresh ginger root for every cup of water that you want to use, and you boil your water, you slice up the ginger, and you add it to the boiling water and you let that cook for about 15 minutes, and then strain it and add a little honey to taste.

You can also buy just prepared ginger tea bags at your grocery store, and I recommend taking one cup after each meal.