What Role Do Exercise and a Healthy Diet Play in Treating Depression?

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Exercise and diet can help tremendously, one thing we know about exercise is that not only does it help reduce inflammation and increase physical wellbeing it's also been shown in a number of studies now to increase neuronal growth and development in the brain in ways that we think, antidepressants may also be involved.

So this is a sort of free and only good side effect way of helping to treat depression in terms of nutrition, very important. I have had lots of experience in talking to nutritionists and psychiatrists who say, really if people were more aware of the impact of diet on mood, we could really use a lot more food as medicine, and that not to say that severe depression doesn't need other treatment, or that you can treat it all by yourself with fish oil and vitamins, but it can really go a long way towards supporting mood and your overall resilience.