What Kind of Emotional Factors Can Affect My Ability to Orgasm?

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One is not feeling connected to yourself. Sort of that disembodied feeling. When couples come to me sometimes and say, "Well if there's something we can do, we're in a sexual rot. Is there something we can do to liven things up, are there toys, are there things we can do?" And I say really honest to goodness.

The best thing you can do to keep it lively and stop being bored is actually show up, look at one another, look one another in the eyes, feel the present, fill your whole body whole experience. Just like Masters and Johnson used to talk about sensate focus, right? The more you can become aware of your experience in the moment not getting distracted by, are my thighs too fat or am I going to last or who is going to come first or how that is going to, you really are able to stay more in the moment, more in the moment, aware of your own body and attuned to your partner you can be.

It's a dynamite experience and you don't need all kinds of bells and whistles.