What Are the Problems Women May Face with Achieving Orgasms?

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I think the problems with orgasm for women we tend to focus more on what's going on in a relationship, is there safety? Is there trust? Do they have a history of, certainly if there is a history of sexual abuse, that can really get in a way or even just a history of being told that good girls don't or you know you shouldn't enjoy at all that much.

And as you are moving into adulthood and experiencing orgasms beyond maybe just the masturbation of your youth or the very quick stuff that you might have had in high school, and moving onto something that is more adult, being able to really claim your sexual energy in an adult way, to not feel that for example maybe you have to have an orgasm to please your partner, and to be able to claim as something that you are doing, that you are participating in.

A lot of women give up that power or bring other power dynamics and their relationship into the bedroom, and may end up feeling angry or withholding and get in their own way.