How Can Psychotherapy Help Treat Depression?

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So in treating depression, because depression comes from a number of different channels many rivers as it were You want to able to look at a patient as a whole person. What they are doing in their lives, what's their history, did they growth in a household for example, where emotions were not discussed and instead were internalized.

In that case the patient may need more help in accessing vocabulary to be able to you express what their feelings and needs are, rather than shutting down and withdrawing, or to be able to develop other ways to express the feelings that maybe led to the depression. There are some therapists including myself that think of depression as unexpressed anger that's just sort of sat and foster and to be able to deal with the various anger underneath it.

Disappointment, for, to be able to give voice to that, and to know when it's in you and some people feel depression more in their gut they just feel sort of heavy or heaviness in their chest to be able to Know that is an emotion, that your emotions don't just exist as these thoughts but really a whole body experience and then address it from that point of view.

It may take engaging in more exercise which has been shown to be very helpful with depression.[MUSIC].