How Can a Holistic Approach Help Treat Depression?

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I think looking at anyone holistically in any health field is clearly becoming more and more important, it's been important all along, we're becoming more and more aware of the importance. We know for example that more serotonin exists in the gut than exists in the brain. So knowing that if you simply start medicating to, have a selective re-uptake inhibition serotonin, you're causing more changes in the body that may not lead to enough well being to warrant that approach.

If you are only looking with one tool at a multifactorial problem like depression, or anxiety, or any number of other things that we struggle with in terms of health, then I think you're missing out, it's the old idea of if you only have a hammer in your tool chest and every problem is a nail, and I think we human beings really come to figure out that we are much more complicated than that.