Does the Stigma About Mental Health Issues Lead to Underdiagnosis of Depression?

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[MUSIC] I think there is a tremendous stigma, unfortunately still, with mental health diagnosis I practice in Washington DC and there are a lot of people who are really avoiding psychotherapy even when they know that they need it because they're concerned about what they will do to their career or their security clearance or other issues and they end up having their lives really unravel into very unfortunate way sometimes as a result.

In addition to the stigma though and maybe the lack of seeking treatment, some people think that it's something else like I'm unhappy in my marriage and so I'm just sad and stuck or I thought my job was going to work out better or I am unemployed whatever others just applied when really someone who slipped into depression and they just think of this is just the way it is.

One of the symptoms, one of the hallmarks of depression, is sort of the opposite of looking at the world through rose color glasses. You're looking at the world through these sort of smog covered glasses and as a result, it just seems to you this is the way things are, they're never going to get any better and so you don't seek help.