Does the Definition of Sexual Health Change with the Times?

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[MUSIC] I think, thank goodness, we are more open to thinking about people as sexual beings, and it's not just a matter of repressed sexuality or hyper-sexuality, we are appreciating more and more that there's a whole spectrum of how people express themselves sexually, not just in terms of lifestyle choices, but in terms of whether or not men and women differ in what they need sexually.

What it means to a whole relationship rather than simply what is happening during the sexual revolution when is simply a matter of taking the lid off and experiencing as much as you could. Now it's more about how does this fit in with the rest of my life? What is the balance of this look like for me.

Am I too much emphasizing this in my life, than my for example view porn online to the exception of looking for relationship and connection with real people, that's one example. Another is that women are being viewed more and more as viable, vibrant sexual beings that as well as men, deserve to be able to have a healthy, active way of expressing themselves sexually, way beyond the ages that we used to think about it, that menopause is not the end, and that you can really be sexual in more and different ways as you age, male or female, but in particular for women, that it's not just the end once you stopped your child bearing years.